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Italian Seasoning

If you are cooking or serving Italian food, you’re going to need the seasoning that brings those hearty dishes to life. Warehouse 115 has high-quality Italian seasoning in bulk quantities so that you can stock up on the seasonings you need. Whether you run a restaurant or an institution that serves dozens of people on a daily basis, our wholesale Italian seasoning allows you to take advantage of huge savings on top-quality food products.

The Bulk Products You Need

We have both Lawry’s delicious spaghetti sauce mix and Sauers flavorful Italian seasoning mix. Depending on how much you need, we have different unit sizes ranging between 6.5 oz. packages, 12 oz., and 24 oz. containers. We also have 6-count packages in case you really need to stock up.

The spaghetti sauce mix can be added to tomato paste to make a delicious sauce, and the Italian seasoning mix is great for spaghetti, lasagna, garlic bread, and many other classic Italian dishes. Our seasoning mixes will keep for a long time, provided that you store them in a cool and dry place, and you keep them sealed.

Dependable Ship Times

Warehouse 115 is here to take care of your home or business needs. If you routinely need bold, rich Italian flavors in your cooking, we make it easy to enjoy huge savings on wholesale Italian seasoning. With quick shipping and unbeatable customer service, our 2 to 3 day shipping times ensure that your orders get to you when you need them.

Do you want to learn more about our wholesale products, supplies, or services? Call us today at 678-961-4606 or send us an email at hi@warehouse115.com and we’ll be happy to help. Browse our selection of Italian seasoning in bulk quantities and order what you need.