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Outdoor Storage Containers

Workplace storage is critical if you want a productive and functioning business. After all, who can work with materials or paperwork cluttering their workspace? At Warehouse 115, we want our customers to get the most out of their orders. That’s why we offer functional storage that’s easy to incorporate into your office or facility.

Shelving For Your Daily Necessities

Every employee has something that is essential to his or her job. Make sure those go-to items are ready to grab at a moment’s notice with quality shelving you can put in any room of the office.

We have a variety of shelving and storage solutions, so you can always find the right choice for your business. Do you want a stationary shelving unit or a mobile one? Depending on which solution you prefer, Warehouse 115 has the workplace storage that suits your needs.

Long-Term Storage Solutions

Not everything in your workplace may be necessary for day-to-day operations. To prevent excess clutter that bogs down your team’s productivity, we offer comprehensive storage solutions, from sturdy shelving to carts, bins, and boxes to keep your facility organized and efficient.

We offer storage bins as small as 3.75 gallons and as large as 18 gallons, so you can clear your office of any nonessential items and store them for a rainy day. We even offer outdoor workplace storage for construction companies or other organizations that need more practical ways to store their equipment or tools.

Warehouse 115 has distribution centers all across the country, ready to fulfill your order, and our customer support team is here to answer any questions you may have. Reach us by phone at (678) 961-4606 or email hi@warehouse115.com and our team will be happy to help. Shop with Warehouse 115 for the best value on name brand products for your business today.